By now you will be beginning to feel the effects of the cooler weather. Skin starts to feel rough which can indicate surface dehydration. Sun exposure during the summer months, as well as, air conditioning will contribute to the tightening feeling on the skin. As we wrap up and switch on the heaters we increase our levels of dehydration both within and externally. This is a good time to go back to basics and give the skin a good exfoliation and a skin boost.

Whilst it’s easy to just buy an exfoliating scrub to give the skin an initial boost itis important to understand that dehydration also comes with other warning factors that prevent harsh scrubbing. Dehydration occurs when the cells shrink as they die off leaving gaps on the surface of the skin, this causes more water loss called trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) leading to irritation.  When harsh products are applied to the skin this causes the products to penetrate deeper than intended and cause further trauma. A thorough skin consultation will give you a good idea of your skin’s health and help you get the best out of it. Establishing whether the skin needs to be healed first is important so as not to cause further damage. In some cases, the irritation can cause progressive damage so investing in an expert opinion through a thorough skin consultation will help you assess your options.

If your skin is healthy then a good starting point would be a medical grade peel. These can vary in strength. The depth of the peel can gradually be increase over a series of peels for the safer and progressive results. Adding a peptide based hyaluronic mask will help boost the skin’s hydration levels without adding oils which is great for those with oilier complexions but will also benefit drier skins by giving the skin a boost.

There are other more invasive procedures which can give fantastic results to the texture and tone of the skin including laser peels. These ablative peels target the surface of the skin but can be controlled to exact depths. This peel called microlaser peel can be combined with profractional laser treatment which targets deeper structures to stimulate collagen production helping to smooth fine lines, target pigmentation and plump the skin. This procedure does require some downtime and sun avoidance, so winter is the perfect time to give your skin a boost.

If you would like a skin consultation to assess you’re skin’s health and see what treatments are best for you call 02 9387 3900  for a booking or email: if you would like me to answer any skin care concerns.