At Silkwood Medical, we have a wide range of non-surgical options to treat your skin concerns.

Our Broadband light (BBL) is a divergent light that covers a wide range of depths and can be used to treat an array of skin problems from ageing due to sun damage, sun spots/ pigmentation to fine lines and redness. Fine dilated capillaries can also be treated. We can target these differed concerns using specific filters which cut out some of the light and are more targeted to the specific concern. Depending on the target the right filter will be chosen and the pigment or vessels will be picked up by the light. This causes a heating effect in the target which, in the case of the pigment, will help break up the pigmentation and bring it to the surface where the body eliminates it through sloughing off of the surface skin cells.

When the target is vessels or more specifically haemoglobin in the capillaries the area will be heated and the cells will coagulated and form a tiny clot. This stops the flow to the capillary and it slowly dies off over five days leaving the appearance on the skin less red. It is the same principle which is applied when we have facial flushing.

Many areas can be treated with BBL including the face, neck, and chest, as well as arms and hands to target sun damage and redness. Three treatments are recommended one month apart. The effects of BBL are two-fold as studies show that continued treatments have a cumulative effect on the skin with skin rejuvenation a bonus. After your course of treatments a yearly maintenance is recommended to keep pigmentation and vessels at bay and of course to boost the skin’s collagen production.

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