Did you know that in NSW, Victoria and ACT you do not need any qualifications to operate or even buy a laser or IPL machine? Scary, isn’t it? Whilst Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania have laws and regulations on who can operate a Class 3B or 4 lasers (these are ones which are used in cosmetic procedures), the other states fall way behind with no regulations regarding their safe use and only guidelines imposed. So how do you know if the person operating a laser/IPL has the qualifications and experience needed to perform your treatment?

Considering the damage that can be done with lasers if you don’t know what you’re doing (severe burns for example), it’s crucial to do your research before having a laser treatment.

New South Wales does fall short on regulations but that does not mean that you cannot find a reputable Laser/IPL Operator. Whilst here are many people who can operate lasers without qualifications, and with some good results, it would be fair to say that you would feel safer putting yourself in the reputable hands of a qualified expert who is knowledgeable and educated in both the theoretical and practical aspects of lasers/IPL.

There are so many salons offering laser treatments for walk-in clients now, but before you hop on any treatment bed, make sure the practitioner has a Nationally Recognised Vocational Graduate Certificate in Laser and IPL and a degree in dermal therapies.

Our Dermal clinician Chrys has a Bachelor of Health Science degree specialising in Dermal therapies in which a deep knowledge was gained through practical and theoretical experience in many types of lasers. She gained an understanding of tissue interaction, how to assess the skin properly and deal with any adverse reactions which can invariably happen. She also has a Laser Safety Officer’s certificate as well as a Nationally Recognised Vocational Graduate Certificate in Laser and IPL in which she was required to perform 100 hours of practical treatments as well as pass a theory exam.

If you have any questions and on your skin why not come in for a free consultation with Chrys, in which she can discuss a progressive treatment plan to get your skin looking its best.