At Silkwood, we are always trying to push the boundaries to get the best out of your skin.  We’re excited to have 3 new peels to add to our list. These peels can be used on their own or layered with other peels in our range to give a boost to your skin. As stated in my previous blog where I explained the difference between mechanical and chemical peels, they can be different strengths and penetrate to different depths.

The new peels that we have included in our range are lactic acid in 2 strengths, 20% and 30%. These can be boosted by layering the peels and/or leaving them on the skin for longer. In addition, we also have a peel specifically tailored to treat pigment with salicylic acid. This can be used on its own or even layered with the lactic acid peels once your skin has been prepped for it.

These peels compliment the peels we already have in our range which include blueberry smoothie, a great go to for an instant fix with no prep time, as well as, a Vit -A peel, a skin brightener, which may cause some slight shedding.

You should always be prepped before you go to the more advanced peels. It would be best to come in for a consultation to start you on a programme of peels where I can increase the depth as your skin adapts to the increasing strength of the peels. That way you can get the best results for your skin in a safe and controlled manner, whilst giving your skin an even, brighter tone. The skin will feel plumped and the hydration levels will gradually increase although initially your skin will feel slightly dry. Don’t forget you can always add on our fabulous peptide mask which is not only hydrating and soothing but is so gentle it can even be used post laser treatments. For more information or to come in for a free consult with me please call 02 9387 3900.