With so many treatments to choose from and the growing number of fads to make your skin beautiful I thought I’d give you an insight on what I believe works based on results and scientific evidence. I’m always being asked, ‘what’s the best treatment for my skin?’ What I can tell you is, it depends on your skin and what you would like to achieve. It also depends on your commitment to your skin, following advice on pre and post care, as well as, using the right skincare for your skin. I am also a believer in taking a holistic approach, therefore, you should be aware of what you eat and the triggers that can irritate not just your skin but your bowels- there’s an infinite association with gut health and the skin.

Here’s my top 3 skin treatments

  1. Epiblade- There has been a huge surge in Epiblade treatments primarily driven by beauty bloggers/vloggers and I can tell you believe the hype! A great treatment for monthly maintenance of the skin with no downtime. Not only does this treatment give an instant glow to the skin by exfoliating the surface of the skin, it also gets rid of the fine downy hair. This creates a smooth base on which to apply foundation giving a flawless finish. A word to the wise, not all treatments are the same. I like to use a fine surgical blade to get a good exfoliation and keep the vellous hair away for longer.
  2. BBL- Broad band light can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, or diffuse redness/capillaries. The filter used will determine what is being treated. I get great results for capillaries, as well as, reducing pigmentation including freckles and sun damage. Acne lesions can be reduced by the antibacterial filter which helps reduce the duration and size of the lesions. Regarding pigmentation and redness, these can be aggravated by external factors so it’s important to avoid the sun and other triggers. Pre and post care are necessary, and I insist on pigment inhibitors for anyone other than fair complexions. This helps to minimise the risk of hyper pigmentation. Being diligent with appointment intervals also helps to keep the pigment/capillaries at bay.
  3. Micro needling A great all-round treatment that can treat a variety of skin conditions from wrinkles to minor sun damage, as well as, acne scarring and stimulating collagen production. Micro needling requires a series of treatments a month to 6 weeks apart depending on what is being treated. As with any treatment there are pitfalls with what serums are applied to the skin prior to infuse during the treatment. Some serums are only meant to be used on the skin and are not meant to penetrate when a micro wound is created such as with micro needling. This can cause granulomas and scarring under the skin. I use a hyaluronic serum which is safe for this purpose. For more information see https://www.needlingguide.com/when-and-what-to-use-after-medical-microneedling/

If you have any questions on your skin or would like to come in for a consultation I would be happy to discuss your concerns. You can call me on (02) 9387 3900 or email: skin@silkwoodmedical.com.au