2503, 2019
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What’s In A Review?

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For many of us googling for reviews is the first place we look to get a recommendation whether it’s for a restaurant, product or even a surgeon. This can be a very good way to assess whether what your looking for is right for you

2802, 2019
Silkwood Medical

The many virtues of BBL (Broad Band Light)

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What if there was a light-based therapy that could treat acne, capillaries and pigmentation?

1902, 2019
Silkwood Medical

Post-op Care After Facelifts, What To Expect

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From a health point of view, to aid a speedy recovery, it is advisable to eat well in the weeks leading up to your procedure. We recommend a low salt diet. You should aim to stop drinking alcohol and cease smoking at least two weeks Read more

201, 2019
Silkwood Medical

New Year New You!

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Christmas is over and 2019 is upon us. We indulged and enjoyed the spoils now it’s time to get back into a healthy lifestyle. Whilst many of us make new year’s resolutions to start a diet, go to the gym, or eat better many of those plans fall by the wayside come late January.

612, 2018
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Silkwood Medical Christmas Special 2018

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We are very picky with the skincare we stock at Silkwood. Over the years we have stocked many different ranges but are always on the look out for something that suits our customers needs. For the past few years we have had our own branded skincare which we believe delivers fantastic results for our clients.

111, 2018
Silkwood Medical

Nothing last forever, ongoing maintenance is the key!

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Many patients come for consultations expecting a magic wand to banish all their skin problems. Often, they have many concerns and would like one laser or treatment to treat them. This is not always possible, though it is understandable to think this way.

310, 2018
Silkwood Medical

Lets Talk About Compliance

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In every workplace we are expected to follow rules and regulations to keep us safe. Workplace health and safety is an area where we must all comply so that we maintain a safe working environment for ourselves and others. If we do this in everyday Read more

1509, 2018
Silkwood Medical

The Rise of Unrealistic Expectations

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During consultations some common question we get asked are: What will I look like? How much improvement will I expect to get? What percentage of improvement will I see? Whilst these are all valid questions, the reality is we cannot always predict the results you will get.

109, 2018
Silkwood Medical

A wholistic Approach To Skin Care

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It’s time to review and renew your skincare regime It’s getting towards that time of year, the sun’s starting to fade, the days are getting shorter and we’re starting to think about adding layers in preparation for winter. Our skin has been fighting the elements, sun, sea, not to mention the extra cold air condition causing dehydration.

2708, 2018
Silkwood Medical

Medicare Rules Are Changing On The 1st November – Are You Still Covered?

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In the next few months there are big changes coming for Medicare rebates and health fund coverage for plastic surgery procedures. This article will help you understand if your plans are impacted.