BBL (broad band light) is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne, vascular and pigment conditions, as well as, skin rejuvenation. This is due to its wide-ranging wavelengths which can be used to target different conditions depending on the filter used.

A study conducted in 2013 using Sciton’s BBL forever young found that the signs of ageing can be slowed down considerably when 3 treatments are performed yearly. This not only helps to minimise the effects of sun damage, it also reduces signs of diffuse redness, and keeps vascular conditions at bay. The research spanning over 10 years concluded that the difference in their patient’s actual age and the perceived age after the yearly treatments showed a decrease in the signs of ageing. This is attributed to the heat causing the collagen to remodel, as well as, the more obvious effects of reduced redness and pigmentation in the skin.

When the skin is treated with BBL the light penetrates the dermis -the second section of skin, causing a heating effect in the skin. The Dermis, often called ‘the true skin’, is where collagen and elastin fibres are made, this is also where hyaluronic acid is produced. These are the structural component of the skin which keep the skin looking plump. As we age, the rate of collagen and elastin turn over decreases so we sometimes need to give it a little kickstart. Introducing heat into the skin causes the old collaged to become damaged as the body sees it as a controlled wound. This stimulates the body to ‘bring in reinforcements’ clearing away the old collagen and simultaneously beginning to produce new collagen. This process takes about 3 months to remodel collagen. The result is fresher looking skin that looks healthier.

Using the right skincare will also help improve results as all the participants in the study were using different products but with active ingredients. Therefore, a combination of the two will produce a great outcome. Using products that contain Vitamin B will help to restore and maintain the skin’s barrier, an important step in preventing infection and irritation on the skin. A vitamin C serum will help with collagen production as it is a vital component in the synthesis of collagen whereas, vitamin A will help with cell turnover. Used nightly it will help to refresh and revitalise the skin helping to reduce fine lines due to its exfoliative and resurfacing effects.

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