At Silkwood Medical we find the Understand 3D medical animation videos helpful to any potential clients seeking more information on either plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures. These 3D videos give a general idea of how a cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical treatment may be performed.


3D animations, text and photos of cosmetic plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures that are presented in these Understand videos are for illustrative and educational purposes only. They in no way commit our plastic surgeons or non-surgical team represented on our website to practising either of these surgical or non-surgical techniques.

Qualified plastic surgeons apply different methods (either personal or general, obtained and developed after long years of study). During your visit to Silkwood Medical, feel free to ask your plastic surgeon or non-surgical team about their techniques.

As continued developments in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and non-surgical treatments occur, our techniques and treatments are likely to vary as a result. We continually strive to improve what we do, to help benefit our patients.

To view a 3D animation video, click on the desired video.

For any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us