Gender reassignment surgery is a relatively new field in plastic surgery and a direct result of the increasing acceptance and awareness of gender dysphoria.

It is a topic that often confuses people as terms like LGBTQ, gender identity, transsexual, bisexual, gender neutral, cisgender etc. are often used in the wrong context or aren’t explained well.

Our Plastic Surgeon Dr Lisa Friederich specialises in gender reassignment surgery of the breasts, helping biological females who identify as male to masculinise their chests, and biological males who identify as female to feminise their chests.

For most people with gender dysphoria (meaning the gender they identify as doesn’t match their sex), it is a long and often complicated journey with lots of psychological and  legal hurdles until they can have gender reassignment surgery.

After a period of taking hormones to prevent or minimise the development of their secondary sexual characteristics, surgery is often the last step in a transgender person’s journey to become who they want to be.

If you are considering seeing Dr Friederich for a consult on top surgery, note that you will require a letter from your psychiatrist confirming your gender dysphoria and supporting surgery. Under 18 year-olds require a court order under Australian law if they would like to proceed with gender reassignment surgery.

Years of training and experience working as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon have given Dr Friederich the skills and expertise she needs in order to create believable, aesthetically pleasing results for her patients.

In chest feminisation, the patient has usually developed breast tissue due to taking oestrogen, however, if they desire more volume, a fairly straight forward breast augmentation procedure can help.

Chest masculinisation procedures are slightly more complex due to the positioning of the scar and the attempt to create a visibly defined pec muscle. However, when done right, the results are fantastic making it virtually impossible to tell that the person used to have a female chest.

If you would like more information or would like to book a consultation with Dr Friederich, don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 9387 3900.


Dr Friederich’s patient before and after his chest masculinisation surgery