The appearance of your breast implants evolves over time as gravity and weight changes alter the relationship between your breast tissue and the implants. In women with older styles of breast implants, your breasts can become asymmetric, hard and even painful as capsular contracture, leaks and malpositions of the implants occur. Many women delay managing their implant problems as they feel vain to be concerned about the appearance of their breasts. The surgical correction of implant problems is a very satisfying procedure for our patients as it improves the look and feel of their breasts as well as making breast screening with mammography or ultrasound a simpler process.

The Procedure

Surgical revision of breast implants is performed under a general anaesthetic at an accredited hospital. The most commonly performed implant revision operation is removal of the breast capsules and implants and replacement with new implants. This operation utilizes your previous incision (usually located at the inframammary fold) to separate the existing breast implant capsule from the attached breast tissue and muscle. This is sent to a pathologist to be checked under a microscope for the presence of bacteria or abnormal cells. The cavity is carefully washed clean with warmed saline and redesigned to better suit your new implants. The new implants are inserted and the wounds are closed. Drains are used to siphon away the excess fluid of swelling that your body produces as it heals. They are usually removed after a few days.

Recovery From Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Your surgeon and nurse will help you into a well-fitting, supportive sports bra after the procedure. There will be simple dressings sitting on your wound. Your anaesthetist will design a careful care plan to manage your pain. Most patients remain in hospital for 2-3 days after the surgery. Your drains will be removed before you go home. Weekly post-op care sessions with your surgeon and our nurses will ensure that your progress is closely monitored for optimal results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to have revisional breast implant surgery is when you start to see changes in the shape of your breasts that might indicate implant hardening, rupture or sagging of your breast tissue. Women often wait until their breasts have become extremely hard and distorted before they seek a plastic surgeon’s opinion. At this point, the surgery is more difficult and your recovery will take longer. You can have this surgery at any age so long as you are in good health.
Breast implant removal and replacement surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic in an accredited private hospitals. Most patients are able to go home three days after their surgery.
Only the highest quality breast implants are used by the surgeons at Silkwood Medical. These implants carry a lifetime warranty. The appearance of your breasts will continue to change over the years as all parts of our face and body age with time. Patients who develop hardening of their implants (capsular contracture) have a higher risk of developing this complication again.
In the majority of patients, your existing breast scar will be used to access and remove the old implant. Patients who require a breast lift at the same time will have a scar around their areola and a vertical scar down the lower pole of the breast (vertical breast lift scar)
The cost of breast implant revision surgery is determined by the extended complexity and duration of your operation as well as whether you wish to change your implants’ size and/or style and will be estimated following your first consultation. Prices start from

insured:$7,950 plus implants

uninsured: $12,500 plus implants

including the surgeon’s fee, assistant’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital stay and 12 months post-op care.

This procedure may attract an item number from Medicare which allows you to claim a rebate. Possible item numbers are 45552 or 45554. If you have the appropriate level of health insurance cover, they may pay for your theatre and accomodation fees.
There are many different approaches to improving the appearance of sagging breasts that have breast implants. If the implants are in good condition and are still an appropriate match for your build, then they will not be changed. You will be advised to have a mastopexy or breast lifting procedure instead. This can be safely performed without damaging the implants. In milder cases, a larger implant can be used to lift your breast tissue. implants?
Older style breast implants were made from a thin shell holding liquid silicone that had a similar consistency to glucose. These implants can be ruptured if traumatized by injury or a mammogram. While there is no consequence to your body overall if you have an implant rupture, your breast shape will likely change as you develop capsular contracture and silicone granulomas. Silicone granulomas are hard nodules that form when your body deposits calcium into the leaking silicone. Since the leaking implants change the look and feel of your breasts and also potentially interfere with breast screening, they should be removed.
All implants eg dental prostheses, joint replacements, placed into the body can develop a capsule around them as our body attempts to “wall” off the implant. Many factors which contribute to the development of capsular contracture have been identified in the past decades and our surgical techniques and implant types have changed to reduce the risk of this problem. In the vast majority of patients, the capsule is soft and cannot be seen or felt by the patient and doctor. Women who have capsular contracture can go on to have their existing implants and capsules removed and replaced with new implants in one operation.
You will be seen by your surgeon within 7 days of your surgery.

Regular appointments are made to remove sutures and to check on your healing following surgery.

You will be given a Plastic Surgery Recovery guide upon booking your surgery. This document explains in great detail all of your after care following surgery.

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