A lower body lift is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and lower back area. A lower body lift can help improve your appearance if you have recently lost a large amount of weight but are left with rolls of skin at your lower tummy and back. This operation has the additional advantage of improving the contour of your outer thighs as the skin in this area is re-suspended to its natural position at the hip bone.

The Procedure

A lower body lift is a 5 to 6-hour operation performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital. Dr Sanki will carefully mark her plans for your surgery on your skin before you are moved to the operating theatre. The operation begins with the patient in the prone (face down) position to allow excess skin and fat from the lower back and buttock area to be removed. A lower body lift can result in a flattened buttock appearance. Dr Sanki will discuss with you if an autologous buttock augmentation would be of benefit. In this operation, the skin is peeled away from the wedges of fat that are normally removed in a lower body lift. The lower back wedges are then contoured into hemi-spherical shapes using a purse string stitch- “purse string gluteoplasty”. The new buttocks are then tucked under your existing buttock skin. Once the wounds of the back are closed, our team will carefully turn you over to lie on your back while you are still anaesthetized. Dr Sanki will then complete your operation by continuing the back incisions into a classic abdominoplasty. The skin of the lower abdomen is removed as a large wedge of tissue. The skin is then undermined up to the rib cage. The separation of your rectus muscles is repaired to improve your waistline. Your anaesthetist will then bend the surgical bed into a V position to allow Dr Sanki to close the abdominal skin. The belly button is repositioned and reshaped to give it a youthful almond shape. The skin is closed with sequential sutures between your abdominal skin and your abdominal muscle.

Recovery From Lower Body Lift Surgery

When you wake from surgery, you will be wearing an abdominal binder to help support your tummy. Your bed will remain in a bent V shape to help take away any tension from your wound. Your anaesthetist will prescribe a specific care plan to manage your pain. Most patients are able to sit into a chair on the first day after surgery and go for a brief walk. It is expected that you will spend 5 to 6 nights in hospital. During this time, a physiotherapist will help you improve your mobility and your nurses will care for your wounds. Dr Sanki does not use any sticky dressings to avoid tape allergies and blisters. Dr Sanki will see you each day that you are in hospital to check you are progressing smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lower body lift surgery can be safely performed in healthy adults who are at a stable weight.
The results of a lower body lift are long lasting and will only change with weight loss and gain or as a result of skni laxity from ageing.
Lower body lift surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital such as St George Private, East Sydney private or Kareena private hospitals. Most patients are able to go home five to six days after the surgery. The degree of pain experienced largely reflect the amount of skin that needs to be removed and also the size of your rectus muscle separation. Patients are safe to go home once they are easily walking and have good pain control.
The scars extend as a continuous line sitting under your pants from hip bone to hip bone. The scars from the hip area connect horizontally inteo the gluteal cleft at your midline back.
The cost of lower body lift surgery is determined by the expected complexity and duration of your operation and will be estimated following your first consultation.
This procedure may attract a Medicare item number if you have recently had a significant weight loss and your weight has been stable for at least 6 months. If you have the appropriate level of health insurance cover, they may pay for your theatre and accomodation fees.The Medicare item number is 30179.
It is a great achievement to lose a large amount of weight. A lot of people find it hard to work out when they have reached a normal weight as their excess skin continues to bulge out of their clothes. Your doctor will take a thorough history and examination of your body to work out the best operation to improve your appearance. In some patients, liposuction can also help remove the final stubborn collections of fat and skin that persist after your massive weight loss.
A lower body lift operation can take anywhere between four to six hours and is therefore usually performed as an isolated procedure. Your recovery from surgery and time in hospital is dependent upon the duration and extent of your surgery. You and your surgeon will determine which combination of operations can be safely performed together.
The most effective technique to removed excess skin at the lower abdomen and back is through surgery. Less invasive techniques such as the use of laser or ultrasound energy can make smaller but less significant improvements to your skin.
You will be seen by your surgeon within 7 days of your surgery.

Regular appointments are made to remove sutures and to check on your healing following surgery.

You will be given a Plastic Surgery Recovery guide upon booking your surgery. This document explains in great detail all of your after care following surgery.

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